Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The Gastric Sleeve – or sleeve gastrectomy - has recently been approved as a stand-alone weight loss surgery procedure.  Once part of a 2 stage bariatric surgery procedure (biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch), it soon became a reality that patients never required the second stage of their planned procedure due to the successful weight loss accomplished through the gastric sleeve surgery alone.  The way your stomach functions remains entirely intact.  

During a sleeve gastrectomy, Dr. Scott Stowers, the bariatric surgeon, will generally use special laparoscopic instruments to access the abdominal cavity through several small incisions, and remove 85 percent of your stomach. The remaining portion of your stomach, which is shaped like a banana, can process food normally. But, since the stomach is markedly smaller, you will feel full much faster and take in fewer calories.

During a laparoscopic weight loss surgery procedure, whether you choose lap band, intragastric balloongastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery, potential risks are similar.  Nutritionally you will still need to take daily vitamin and mineral supplements, but the potential for deficiencies is not as great as with the gastric bypass surgery. People with higher BMIs typically lose about 40 to 50 percent of their excess weight in three years with this procedure. Those with lower BMIs generally lose even more.

Even though gastric sleeve surgery is less risky and less invasive than gastric bypass surgery, the change to the stomach is just as drastic and will require food and lifestyle changes, including a post-surgery liquid diet and working back up to solid foods. Also, unlike Lap-Band® surgery, gastric sleeve surgery can not be reversed. Typical side effects include infection, leaking of the sleeve and blood clots.

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